Finally, you have a reason to dine in, entertain your guests in your own dining room, boat, airplane, vacation rental... enjoy your prized wines with a memorable four-star dinner prepared in your own kitchen!

Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Ara Gureghian. Since childhood, my passion for Artistic Culinary Creations has given me the character of my personality and the ability to flow through life with a sense of good fortune, able to exert my passion into a profession, preparing and offering food that leaves a lasting memory.

After finishing my education in France, where I was born, and my Culinary Schooling at the "Institut International de Glion Sur Montreux", in Switzerland, I ended up being self-employed most of the following years, owning various restaurants and a bakery. Eighteen years ago, the routine, the every day menu, the 24/7 and the reliance on others with its obstacles led me to the present. I was able to successfully offer my culinary experience to clients in their own surroundings with their choice of both menu and time.

Creating a menu for an intimate dinner to... or a week's worth of gourmet meals. Like decor, music, or any other aesthetic pleasure, food that reflects individual taste is an important part of sharing your time with guests, friends, or business associates.

A writing avenue has also opened up in my life, enabling me to express certain aspects of food that have been dear to me. "N" and "Dining" magazines in Naples, Florida, have been delighted to publish some of those thoughts. I mix, blend, create and you enjoy!